How The Collective is helping tenant’s get back to the office.

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When the pandemic sent us all home last spring, we were all faced with the same question in our businesses, what do we do now? The one thing that was consistent, was that nobody had experienced this before, and it was new territory for all. We knew that there were tough times ahead for many of our clients and industry partners, and we wanted to be able to add value, beyond furniture.

How can we help with business decisions? How can we help clients understand exactly how their space is being used, and how can we help with the return to work? These questions are what lead us into the world of Workplace Technology. We didn’t want band-aid or profiteering solutions. We were searching for accurate, anonymous solutions that add measurable value to clients during the pandemic, and beyond.

One year later we have curated, adjusted, and tailored solutions for a variety of verticals. In the tech sector, most companies are completely comfortable implementing a workplace scheduling platform that requires user engagement. Other verticals might not adopt this type of platform, that requires all users to engage for the data to prove useful. This is the advantage to having flexibility in our offering, so it can be specific to each client, who all have a different problem to solve. Whether it is managing the scheduling of space and the inevitable return or measuring the true occupancy so you’re accurately informed on usage before your next leasing decision, we can help.

The Collective strives to be a resource to our clients and industry partners for anything relating to an interior, and this is another layer of strength in those relationships and solutions.

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