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Office Recovery: The Great Experiment

Key takeaways: • The great hybrid work experiment is beginning, with most companies (58%) saying they will implement a hybrid model of work. • In this experiment, flexible office spaces are expected to make up about 6% of future total office space in the market. • Office vacancy is predicted to increase by another 5.7% over the next few years, a forecast that is holding steady from our June 2020 report. • When making decisions on office space, employers rank employee productivity, culture, and collaboration as more important than operational savings.

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Canadian National Market Snapshot – Colliers Canada – Q1 2021

Key Highlights: • Q1 2021 brought both the vaccine rollout but also renewed lockdowns, however, this time around many businesses knew how to respond, resulting in minimal job losses. Although sublet space remains an issue, the flood of space coming to the market has slowed, and some believe as 2021 progresses, and employees start returning…

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In a lockdown, where does work end and parenting begin? Welcome to the brave new world of ‘zigzag working’

Great article found here - https://theconversation.com/in-a-lockdown-where-does-work-end-and-parenting-begin-welcome-to-the-brave-new-world-of-zigzag-working-169088 Employers might also consider tweaks for lockdown working, including: Recognising that working parents may be frequently interrupted, prolonged periods of “focused time” do not exist, and there is no such thing as “complete silence” Not starting online meetings exactly on the hour, when school class sessions typically start Checking…

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Open offices failed. These are 6 essentials to make sure the next office doesn’t

Great article found here - https://www.fastcompany.com/90682289/open-offices-failed-workers-these-are-6-essentials-to-make-sure-future-offices-dont Community spaces should cover 25% of square footage in an office. These are high-energy atmospheres that serve as hubs for human connection and informal workspaces—such as lobbies, cafes, and snack bars—and therefore, can have a variety of seating for different levels of comfort. A team “home” space also gets…

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