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Office Recovery: The Great Experiment

Key takeaways: • The great hybrid work experiment is beginning, with most companies (58%) saying they will implement a hybrid model of work. • In this experiment, flexible office spaces are expected to make up about 6% of future total office space in the market. • Office vacancy is predicted to increase by another 5.7% over the next few years, a forecast that is holding steady from our June 2020 report. • When making decisions on office space, employers rank employee productivity, culture, and collaboration as more important than operational savings.

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CBRE Canada Market Outlook 2021

WORKPLACE STRATEGY RESET Remote work is here to stay, but so too is the office. The mass shift to remote working during the pandemic has put a spotlight on a trend that has been growing but is not new: fluidity in work styles. Most employees want to work in a more balanced way and as…

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