Employees Balk at End to Remote Work: ‘Going Back to the Office Is Stupid”

Some take aways from this great article.

– While 83 percent of CEOs want employees to return in person, only 10 percent of employees want to come back full time.
– Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter are all giving staff members the option of working remotely on a permanent basis.
– Only a quarter (of executives) say they will allow employees to work remotely for a significant amount of time.
– By contrast to what workers say (re their productivity), about half of executives do not believe their workers have been more productive since going remote.
– Companies are all looking at each other trying to see who will bring people back first, and what kind of negative PR they get. That will dictate how quickly the others follow.

Employees balk at end to remote work: ‘Going back to the office is stupid”