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Canadian workers are ready to come back to the office

KPMG survey finds most ready to return, but three quarters…

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Office Recovery: The Great Experiment

Key takeaways: • The great hybrid work experiment is beginning, with most companies (58%) saying they will implement a hybrid model of work. • In this experiment, flexible office spaces are expected to make up about 6% of future total office space in the market. • Office vacancy is predicted to increase by another 5.7% over the next few years, a forecast that is holding steady from our June 2020 report. • When making decisions on office space, employers rank employee productivity, culture, and collaboration as more important than operational savings.

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You Are Partners With Your Tenants Now’: How The Pandemic Has Changed The Landlord/Tenant Relationship

Link to full article As the coronavirus pandemic continues and…

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A different perspective on Toronto’s Urban Dream That Was Not to Be

The death of a Google sister company's ambitious plan to…

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Downtown Toronto Office Vacancy Rate Hits Record Low in Q2 2019

The growing collection of office towers under construction in Downtown…