After Summer To-Do List for #CRE Brokers

Once the summer ends and the kids go back to school the commercial real estate market typically picks up again.  With that in mind, I’m going to focus on the following to-do list until we hit our next real break in December.  Time to hit the phones.

My #CRE to-do list:
•    Have a written 1, 5,and 10 year life vision
•    Give “WOW” client service
•    Keep involved
•    Network
•    Prospect Daily
•    Keep your pipeline full
•    Follow up
•    Follow through
•    Use a marketing calendar
•    Set goals- review daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly
•    Time block
•    Work only with ideal clients
•    Give referrals
•    Ask for referrals
•    Continuing education
•    Have a Coach
•    Don’t burn out
•    Take vacations
•    Delegate
•    Avoid interruptions
•    Have life balance
•    Hang out with other successful professionals
•    Avoid losers, whiners, complainers
•    Read trade journals
•    Write
•    Read your local newspaper
•    Review this outline regularly
•    Work on your business, not just in it
•    Attend workshops
•    Improve your skills
•    Join professional organizations

Do you have anything to add?  Let’s hear it!

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