Plug in to peak productivity – Colliers Spark Report – July 2016

Plug in to peak productivity – Colliers Spark Report from Chris Fyvie


The real estate needs of businesses continue to diversify beyond
cost and available space. As companies adopt new technological
processes to improve their business operations, their real estate
needs expand by requiring efficient technological infrastructure.
When selecting an office location, companies are increasingly
requesting efficient telecommunication infrastructure–specifically
fibre optic internet. Internet connectivity is the foundation of
numerous day-to-day applications such as video conferencing,
cloud computing and big data analytics. As many firms move
towards using these applications, their bandwidth requirements
intensify, underscoring the importance of internet connectivity
for workplace productivity. With the high cost of installing a fibre
optic internet network, along with service provider fees, many
office suites in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) are currently
not using fibre optic internet. Despite this, companies should
consider real estate options that provide fibre optic internet,
as increased connectivity and speed helps improve workplace
productivity. Many companies sign long-term leases and
therefore businesses must also take into account their future
connectivity needs when looking for office space now.
This Spark Report focuses on the benefits of fibre optic internet
for commercial real estate occupiers. The report also discusses
the City of Markham, as the municipality has continually
focused on developing advanced fibre optic telecommunication
infrastructure throughout its employment areas. Innovative
companies find locating in Markham appealing for various
reasons, but the city’s telecommunication infrastructure is one of
its main competitive advantages.

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